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The time is now to take action in your life and to put the law of attraction into motion. We have created an app that is user friendly for everyone to use. This vision board app will help you to manifest all you so desire to bring into your life in the palm of your hand. Don't waste anymore time hoping to get what you want out of life, start manifesting your future the way you want for it to be.

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These app features will give you a fun and personalized experience.
At the same time, unleashing the Power of your Subconscious Mind!

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Discover how quickly and easily you will attract into your life by downloading the Subliminal Vision Boards app.
This vision board app will transform your life like you have never known possible.

Subliminal Take 5 - Vision Board App

The Subliminal Take 5 feature flashes each of your images and affirmations at a speed where only your Subconscious Mind picks them up. You can make this happen for only 5 minutes a day, while you Subliminally Manifest all of want you want to bring into your life at an exponential rate of speed, while reaching that powerhouse in your mind every day you Take 5.

5 Steps to Achieving your Goals

  • Deciding your Goals
  • Take some time to ask yourself what it is that you really want in your life. Let your imagination flow!

  • Display
  • Choose all of your images with your own photo gallery or thru Google Images, which allows you to navigate and to find the best images to display on your vision board.

  • Emotions
  • Your emotion creates a a very powerful vibrational feedback system to the universe. When implementing your pictures on your vision board, really try to imagine and feel as if you are in that picture. The stronger the emotions, the more faster the universe picks up on your frequency towards whatever it is your are trying to manifest.

  • Visualization
  • When visualizing on your Vision Board you are tapping into your Subconscious mind when using the Subliminal Take 5, which is all it takes to accelerate your dreams to you!

  • Repetition
  • When done consistently and repeatedly this process becomes much more easier over time. Using the Subliminal Take 5 feature everyday, you will become connected with all your dreams and goals each time you do it.

    "We attract what we think about most often, believe in most strongly, expect most certainly, imagine most vividly, and act on most passionately."
    ~ Napoleon Hill

Wealth Vision Board

Subliminal Vision Boards App

"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future;
it is something you design for the present." ~ Jim Rohn

Wouldn’t you rather take Action on your Dreams and Goals than remain stuck in a life that is ALWAYS staying the same?
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