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How to Create a Vision Board Online

Now creating a vision board is so much more fun and customizable than ever before. The idea of a vision board is to create images and visualize what you want your life to be. Just by creating your vision boards you are creating momentum and a frequency out to the Universe. You are a deliberate creator and this is an innate gift that you already have. Vision Boards are a wonderful tool that allows you to express that amazing gift inside you.

6 steps to making your perfect Subliminal Vision Board!


1. Creating a vision board is a very personal process. It’s a way of connecting within and speaking to your heart. The first thing you want to do is set up a space that is peaceful and loving. Take a deep breath and ask “What is one thing I would like to Heal or Manifest in my Life?” The first answer that comes up is the answer from your heart, your higher self. Do not judge this answer, accept that this is in your energy field and that it is coming from a safe special space inside you. Your answer is what you need to create your first Subliminal Vision Board ® with.

2. Now the fun starts! Start at the top and choose your background. You can create a background using Google images or maybe your favorite color. There is no right or wrong way to create your vision board. Just go with whatever feels good. You can also add a frame too! Continue down to the images section. Here you can find the exact pictures using Google Images again or chose a picture from your phone gallery. Try searching for quotes too. Just let your intuition guide you to what feels good.


3. Adding text – We recommend that you add text that uplifts and inspires you. Always write your text in the present moment. Use words like “I AM and “I have”. I AM are the two most powerful words we speak. What we say after I AM is an Affirmation of creation out into the Universe and to yourself. Your Subliminal Vision Board  is fully customizable so have fun adding the exact image you want to manifest using Google images or your own favorite picture, changing the font, the size and the color of your text. Also make sure to check out the 100 included affirmations to get you started.

4. Sound Feature – The Subliminal Vision Boards is a multi-sensory app allowing you to attach sound to each of your vision boards. Enjoy the Voice Recording feature, the peaceful ZEN sounds and the ancient, healing Solfeggio Frequencies. There is nothing more powerful than hearing your own voice saying positive affirmations and describing the life you desire!


5. Subliminal Take 5 Feature – This feature is what sets our app apart from any other Vison Board App. It is time for you to start retraining your Subconscious Mind with your created Vision Board! Simply go to the home icon in the upper right hand corner of your vision board and choose Subliminal Take 5 from the main menu. Choose which vision board you want to supercharge and sit back for 5 minutes and look at your vision board. Read the quotes you chose, look at the images and affirmations you added. You will see a slight flash. This flash is each of your images and text flashing at a speed straight into your Subconscious Mind. At the end of the 5 minutes you will see a Manifesting Summary showing you how many times each image and text flashed. On average each image and text will flash about 100 times in 5 minutes. That’s like seeing your vision board 100 times in 5 minutes!

6. Consistency is Key – Set up daily notifications. This feature allows you to set up a time every day where you dedicate 5 minutes a day to your goals and dreams. To completely retrain your Subconscious Mind you need to look at your Vision Board at least once a day. The best times are right before bedtime to set the stage of how you will wake up and then again right when you wake up to pre-pave your day. Always ask yourself this question “What is one thing I would like to Heal or Manifest in my Life?” Each time you do, you will be a different person, more evolved, your vibration will be higher and this time your heart will speak to you a different answer.

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