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Discover the power of subconscious programming through the creation of a personalized subliminal vision board. This article will guide you through the latest research on subconscious manifestation techniques and provide practical steps to design a vision board that aligns with your deepest desires. By incorporating keywords and key phrases relevant to subconscious programming and vision board creation, you can optimize your board for success. Let's explore these six steps to unleash the full potential of your subconscious mind.

6 steps to making your perfect Subliminal Vision Board!

  1. Set Up a Peaceful Space and Connect Within: Prepare a tranquil environment where you can focus on your inner self. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, "What is one thing I would like to heal or manifest in my life?" Trust the initial response that emerges from your heart and higher self. Acknowledge that this answer is part of your energy field and stems from a safe and sacred place within you. This response will guide the creation of your first Subliminal Vision Board®.

2. Choose a Background and Images: Embrace the creative process and select a background that resonates with you. You can create one using Google Images or opt for your favorite color. Remember, there are no right or wrong choices—simply follow your intuition. Explore Google Images or use pictures from your phone gallery to find images that evoke positive emotions. You can also search for inspiring quotes to include on your board.


3. Add Uplifting Text: Enhance your subliminal vision board with empowering text. Write affirmations and statements in the present tense, such as "I am" and "I have." "I AM" holds tremendous power, as it signifies an affirmation of creation both within yourself and in the universe. Customize your board by selecting the desired images, changing font styles, sizes, and text colors. Additionally, explore the app's library of 100 included affirmations for inspiration.

4. Harness the Power of Sound: Utilize the multi-sensory features of the Subliminal Vision Boards app. Attach meaningful sounds to each board, including voice recordings, soothing Zen sounds, and healing Solfeggio Frequencies. Hearing your own voice speaking positive affirmations and describing your desired life adds a powerful dimension to your manifestation process.


5. Activate the Subliminal Take 5 Feature: Distinguish your vision board experience with the unique Subliminal Take 5 feature. This feature allows you to retrain your subconscious mind using your created vision board. Access the feature by tapping the home icon in the upper right-hand corner and selecting Subliminal Take 5 from the main menu. Choose the board you want to supercharge and dedicate five minutes to immerse yourself in its content. Read the selected quotes, focus on the images and affirmations, and observe the subtle flashes that occur as each image and text are rapidly absorbed by your subconscious mind. At the end of the session, a Manifesting Summary will display the number of times each element flashed, ensuring deep subconscious imprinting.

6. Stay Consistent with Daily Notifications: Consistency is crucial for subconscious reprogramming. Take advantage of the daily notification feature in the app, which prompts you to dedicate five minutes each day to focus on your goals and dreams. To fully retrain your subconscious mind, commit to viewing your vision board at least once daily. Ideal times for reflection are before bedtime to set the tone for the following day and upon waking to set a positive trajectory. Continually ask yourself the question, "What is one thing I would like to heal or manifest in my life?" With each reflection, you will evolve, raise your vibration, and receive different answers from your heart.


By following these six steps, you can create a powerful subliminal vision board to manifest your dreams. Set up a peaceful space, connect with your heart, select backgrounds and images that resonate, incorporate uplifting text, utilize the app's sound feature, leverage the Subliminal Take 5 functionality, and maintain consistency through daily reflections. Trust the process, embrace your creativity, and unlock the potential of your subconscious mind to manifest your desires.

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