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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a Law of the Universe. It is one of the greatest powers on Earth. Great Scientists and thinkers such as Shakespeare, Beethoven, Oprah Winfrey and Jim Carrey believe and have very successful stories based off of this Law. The idea is that we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational Universe. Whatever you place your focused intention and attention on, you create more of. “Like attracts Like” Every thought becomes a thing. The Law of Attraction says that whatever you can imagine and held in the mind’s eye is achievable. Life is a blank canvas of possibility and you are in control of what the finished picture looks like.

2. Should I create one vision board for everything I want to manifest or heal?

With the Subliminal Vision Boards app you are able to create unlimited vision boards. We recommend that you create multiple vision boards for each area in your life that you want to heal or manifest. This allows you to supercharge your momentum for that area in your life.

3. How do I use the Subliminal Take 5 feature in the app?

Once you have created a Subliminal Vision Board you will then be ready to use our feature called Subliminal Take 5. You will go to the main menu and click on the Subliminal Take 5 button which will bring you to all of the boards that you have created. You will then click on the board that you want to subliminally manifest on. The screen will count down from 5 to zero then your board will appear and all of the images, affirmations and text that you have placed on it will subliminally flash into your subconscious mind. After 5 minutes, two boxes will appear asking you if you would like to continue or end the session. If you click to continue it will go on for another 5 minutes, and if you click the end session button it will bring you to the Manifesting Summary page. This screen lets you see how many times each of the images, affirmations and text flashed into your subconscious during the time period spent subliminally Manifesting.

4. What is the best time to use the Subliminal Take 5 feature?

We recommend using the Subliminal Take 5 feature just before you go to sleep and right after you wake up in the morning. When you use this feature before going to bed you set up what you want your Subconscious Mind to program. Doing this again right when you wake up is a wonderful way to pave your day.

5. Can I add music to my vision boards?


Incorporated within our app is a Sound Feature which is divided into four different parts. The first part is where you can record your voice, which is very powerful to hear yourself saying your affirmations or what you want to heal. The second part is a nice selection of Zen sounds ranging from ocean waves, rain to Tibetan ZEN tones. The third part is the beautiful ancient healing frequency tones of the 9 Solfeggio Frequencies. And the fourth part is where you can add your own music from your music library.

6. Can I add my own images from my phone?

The Subliminal Vision Boards app lets you add your own images to create a background or to add images onto your vision boards. You can also take a picture and add it. We believe that you should never be limited in manifesting. To find the exact picture of your Goals or Dreams, we recommend using the Google Search option. Just choose which picture you want and long press to add that exact image right onto your vision board. Easy as that! This app also comes with a great editing image software allowing you to fully customize each image, by cropping, it changing its color, layering it, and so many more option. You can also place each image where you want, size it and angle them to your liking. The options are truly endless when creating your vision boards.

7. How do I set up Notifications for the subliminal feature?

When to use the Subliminal Take 5 feature is entirely up to you. From the main menu screen you will see a button labeled Take 5 Notifications. This feature will allow you to set up daily notifications to keep yourself on track to achieving your Goals and Dreams. You will select the days and set up the times that work best for you to receive push notifications reminding you that it is time for you to manifest and use the Subliminal Take 5 feature. You will receive a notification on the selected day and time you choose. Just click on the notification and you will be directed straight to your vision boards for you to select the one you want to Subliminally Take 5 on.

8. How do I save my Vision Boards and where are they saved too?

Your vision boards are automatically saved with every move you make on your board. If for some reason you delete an image or text and want to retrieve it back, on the top right of each vision board is a back and forward arrow which will bring back what you had previously deleted from your board if needed. Your vision boards are saved to My Vision Boards which can be accessed from the main menu screen by clicking on the My Vision Boards button.

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