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This word is the Key to YOUR Success!

How many times have you started something new in your life only to find within days, sometimes hours that you went right back to your “old ways”? The only reason for this was lack of consistency. You stopped the consistency of your thoughts and the consistency of your actions. That’s it! This is the only reason. You see consistency is the key to success in what you want in life! The more you are consistent in something the more momentum you build and the more vibration you put out to the Universe about it. As you know the more intention and attention you put on something the more you attract in into your life, this is the Law of Attraction.

There are many reasons you can say to yourself why you are not consistent, there’s work, school, kids, family, self-doubt, impatience and the most popular one habit. You have thought or done the same thing for so long that it has become a habit and it has become part of your life. I’m here to tell you that unhealthy habits are made to be broken! The only way to truly break years of these limiting and unhealthy actions is to shift your energy to what you Love and start retraining your mind with positivity. Using these key features you can create unlimited vision board ideas. With consistent use, this app will help you break your old limited conditioning.

With this Law of Attraction App you can stay aligned with what you want continuously and this is how you stay consistent. Being able to set up daily notifications to remind you to manifest is so powerful to keep you on track and stay accountable. When you see your goals and dreams accomplished on your vision boards every day, you start feeling as if it’s already done. Emotions and feelings are our golden ticket to manifesting what we want. When you look at your vision board, really feel as if you are already there or have already accomplished your goal. Your Subconscious Mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is not real. Every day you use the powerful Subliminal Take 5 feature you start retraining your mind to believe what you want it to belief instead of the conditioned negative thoughts it has believed for years…even decades. The best times to use this feature are the last 5 minutes before you go to bed and right when you wake up in the morning.

Words are energy. Every thought you think is an Affirmation. Think about how many negative thoughts you think of during the day. Any negative thought always has a basis of fear of lack and resistance. What you think in the NOW creates your future. It is not your fault however that you think negative thoughts, you have simply been programmed to think like your parents. A young child never thinks negatively because they are in the now. You were once this child and overtime you learned by watching your parents how to react to thinks, and how to think about things. However, now you are an adult and although you didn’t have a choice when you were 3 you certainly do now. When you realize that you have a choice to think the way you want, it truly is the most loving thing you can do for yourself. It is always your choice to think positive thoughts or negative thoughts. So enjoy creating unlimited Affirmation boards with this app. It includes over 100 preset Affirmation or you can choose your own. Understand your thinking pattern is not going to change overnight, but with consistent shifting of your thoughts, you will start feeling lighter and start seeing your life in a more positive light. It is time to open your consciousness to new thoughts, retrain your Subconscious Mind from limited thinking to more abundant and loving thinking.

And above all have fun becoming a vision board maker. There are unlimited vision board ideas you can create ranging from; Health, Wealth, Family, Traveling, Relationships… Vision Boards are an amazing and powerful visualizing tool that has helped millions. Take a deep breath and listen to your soul as it will guide you to your unlimited potential that is inside of you.

It’s time to change your consciousness through your consistent positive thinking and allow the abundance of the Universe to flow through your experience.

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