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Hi Love, my name is Jennifer Tosian.  I am a Mindset and Visualization Coach and the creator of this AMAZZZING multi-sensory visualization tool!


I was born with a condition called Aphantasia. This is the inability to visualize mental images. I see absolutely nothing in my imagination. 3% of the world's population actually have this condition. For a long time I thought that I had to become more spiritual and then I would be able to visualize like all the self-help books said to do. Turns out this condition was the exact thing that drove me into the arms of vision boards. My hope is that everyone who has this condition will have a chance to visualize too using this app. I also want to be a beacon for these souls that close their eyes and see only darkness. I am now a visualization coach with this condition, know that anything is possible!


When I learned about vision boards in my 20’s I became an instant lover and user of them. I loved seeing the images and text on them, but over time the big bulky vision of my future would end up being taken down.

It wasn't until years later in 2014 when my father passed over that I attempted to create another one. I fell into a great depression and felt more lost than ever. He was my best friend. Three months to the day after he passed, I woke up anxious and antsy. I imagined he was looking down on me. I was overweight, working in an underpaid, unfulfilling job and living in the desert. Something woke up inside of me and I started looking into powerful ways to feel better. I learned a lot about the power of the subconscious mind and subliminal messages. I also attempted to create a vision board again. My fiancé and I bought a poster board, went to Barnes and Noble and stood there flipping through expensive magazines without any luck of finding the right images. We ended up leaving empty handed. 


I continued to empower myself though regardless in the next few months.


I believe it was a combination of my father and my higher self who “woke” me up that morning.


On December 10, 2014, I experienced what I can only describe as a quantum moment. I saw a FB post of a vision board my friend had created, and I immediately felt a rush of heat come over me, everything turned bright and a voice screamed to me “combine the two”. My higher self instinctively knew this meant to combine visualization and subliminal messages. I remember saying to Greg, "we know vision boards work and we know subliminal messaging works, let's combine the two." With technology, it made beautiful sense to create it as an app. Finally a visualization tool that was convenient, portable and private!


I have always said that Subliminal Vision Boards has been created through me, from the Universe for the masses.


It has changed and evolved my life and everyone who uses it.


Today as a coach, I use this app as an essential tool in my practice, witnessing accelerated shifts in my client's mindset, vibration, alignment and their lives.


I am so blessed and excited to share it with you and take your coaching business to a whole new level!

It is quickly revolutionizing the mind and body healing industry.

Over the years this app has evolved so much. It has evolved us so much too. We have learned how to dream and visualize again. We moved out of the desert and moved to NC, we have manifested better health, our beautiful home, our wedding and even Tony Robbins taking our app business card at his seminar! (Check out this story on our Subliminal Vision Boards FB page)

You can create anything your heart desires with this app!

We envision every life coach, Law of Attraction coach, and therapist using it and giving it to their clients, addiction clinics using it to help their patients, weight loss clinics using it as a cutting edge weight loss app, hospitals giving it to patients to help them heal and stay positive, children in schools igniting their imaginations with it, athletes using it to visualize and achieve their goals, businesses using it as a mandatory protocol to increasing their sales…Truly The options are endless.

We want everyone using this app for 5 minutes a day, focusing on what they want, building momentum, raising their vibration, attracting opportunities, shifting their lives and ultimately shifting the consciousness of the masses.

This is a Divine tool that has been created thru us from the Universe for YOU! It is time to start deliberately creating what you want instead of creating by default!

You are here to live in Joy. Your purpose is to expand, evolve and live the life you Love. When you Love yourself, you create a ripple effect of Love for others. Share your Light…

Our purpose is to provide you with the tool to help you align yourself to the whole of who you really are and start attracting all your desires.

~ We are so blessed and excited to hear the manifestations you create ~

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present.” ~ Jim Rohn

Love and Light to You Eternally,

Jennifer and Greg Tosian

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