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Here is Susan Bafford's enthusiastic video testimonial after she saw a presentation that I did of the Subliminal Vision Boards.


She wanted something new and exciting for her downline in her cutting edge, homeopathic business called New U Life.

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Check out this interview with Pam Jacobson; a well known cancer practitioner and CEO of Wellness Center -


Learn how she uses this app for her own life and how it is bringing healing and health to her patients on a daily basis.

Are you wanting your life to move in one direction and finding that it is moving in another?  

Do you desire to release negative, painful patterns that keep showing up in your life and hold you back from your true authentic self?

Congratulations on being guided to Subliminal Vision Boards! 

This is the first multi-sensory visualization tool that uses brain science to rewire negative subconscious patterns and reinforces positive, healthy ones by combining these 3 pillars of manifesting: 

* Creative Conscious Visualization



* Mind and Body Healing Sound Frequencies 

* Subconscious Mind Reprogramming

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When all 3 manifesting pillars are activated simultaneously, new neural pathways between the conscious and the subconscious are created. This is called Brain Synchronization. Your conscious and subconscious function at the same electrical frequency allowing you to rewire your subconscious mind and reinforce your conscious desires.

Using Subliminal Vision Boards, you will take action towards your goals and dreams like never before! This time there is nothing holding you back from creating amazing and accelerated manifestations in your life!


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The human brain thinks in images. The creative process of visualization is so powerful. The key is to add the exact images of what you want to manifest with absolutely no compromising! You can do this by using Google images or your own images. This feature allows you to focus and manifest the exact image and vision of what you want. 

Create unlimited, fully customizable visualization boards targeting each area of your life.

Start consciously creating your reality with positive and empowering images and affirmations and witness these intentions manifest into your reality.


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Each word that you see, speak, and hear from your visualization board carries a particular energy and frequency and every cell in your body is listening to every word. 

Sound is energy. One of the most powerful features on this app is the ability to record your voice onto your vision board. Recording and listening to positive and empowering affirmations develops new brain rewiring scripts, bringing you into an accelerated alignment with the vision of your higher self.


Experience the healing Solfeggio Frequencies ranging from 174hz – 963hz Ancient healing frequencies are set in beautiful soothing music created to release stress, remove energetic blockages and rebalance the spirit, mind, and body.


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Our minds are like a computer that is being run by old software. This old software consists of thoughts and feelings of scarcity and old limiting Ideas and belief systems. Your subconscious has not been updated since you were a child. Those old beliefs and programs still run the adult that is you today, limiting your true potential by keeping you on the exact same patterns from the past.

Your subconscious causes you to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable whenever you attempt to do anything new or different. It goes against changing any of your established patterns of behavior.


The good news is your brain is capable of quickly unlearning limitation and rapidly becoming unlimited! 


Using our unique Subliminal Take 5 feature, your subconscious learns and reinforces the new story that you create on your visualization board. Each image and affirmation subliminally flashes at a speed that reprograms your subconscious mind. 

Reverse negative limited beliefs of scarcity and low self-worth and start to reinforce positive and empowering thoughts and feelings of abundance and prosperity. 

Download Subliminal Vision Boards and experience a life lived in Love, Joy and Alignment with your Higher Self. 

14 DAY FREE TRIAL, THEN JUST $49.99/year

In this interview, learn how to shift your thoughts from scarcity to prosperity with the power of visualization in this powerful and deep conversation I had with Prosperity Relationship Expert and Coach Jacqueline Tabrizi


These 5 Powerful features help you manifest exponentially!

Visualize with Healing Sounds

Repetition is Key to create momentum 

Brainstorm your goals and set a goal date

 Unlimited Vision Boards

Create Unlimited, fully customizable boards all in one place!

Find the exact image 

using Google images

or your own favorite picture.

NO more limited, expensive magazines,  glue and scissors


with no compromising 

Take 5 Subliminal

5 minutes or more

of Subliminal Mind Retraining with your own images and Affirmations.


 Including a Subliminal Summary

Reprogram your Subconscious

Sound Feature

Immerse yourself in your vision board with sound!

~Record Your

Own Voice

~Zen Sounds

~9 Healing Solfeggio Frequencies

~Download your own music

Notification Set-Up

Set up daily notification by day and time and be notified when it's time to manifest.

Action Planner

A place to write out your goal, add an accomplished date, and brainstorm ways to accomplish it and tune into how you will feel once it is part of your life

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Subliminal Vision Boards App - Action Pl

Hands down the best tool for wellness!

"I have used the subliminal vision board app since its inception and have recommended it to thousands of my clients. This is “hands down” the best tool you can use to optimize your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness."


                                      —  Pamela Jacobson

                      ABAAHP, LAc, DiplOM, MSN(E)
              CEO -
Chief Wellness Officer -

Hi Love, my name is Jennifer and I am a Visualization and Manifesting Coach and the creator of the Subliminal Vision Boards app.


From the moment that the thought of this app came through me, I have poured my heart and soul into creating it for the world.

It has become such an essential tool for my life and my coaching business and I see phenomenal results from my clients.

I believe you were guided here because we share the same vision in helping others live their best life and to shift and raise the consciousness of the masses.

I'd love to connect with you and share with you all the different ways you can use Subliminal Vision Boards in your life to help keep you balanced, aligned and stay in a high vibration as well as implement it as a one on one tool with your clients.

I want to be a wonderful resource for you, so please feel free to contact me below.

I AM excited to meet you and discover all the ways we can co-create together.

It's time for us all to live a life of love, empowerment and unrelenting passion.

I look forward to connecting with you soon,


~ Jennifer Tosian

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