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" When you begin to deliberately tune yourself to consistent thoughts of what feels good, what you want will flow effortlessly into your life."
~ Abraham Hicks         


Imagine living your life to the fullest, experiencing optimal health, unlimited wealth and witnessing your desires coming true...



Tapping into the true power of visualization and manifesting the life you want with ease.

Removing all limiting, negative subconscious programming that has been holding you back from your life permanently

* Becoming more self confident, more trusting of your own intuition and the Universe.

Experiencing healing of your mind and body from the inside out.


* Thinking thoughts that are positive and empowering.

* Living life stress free, anxiety free, sleeping better, improvement in your concentration and focus. 

* Thriving in your life, not just existing.

You can have all of this and it only takes 5 minutes a day using this app!




These 5 Powerful features help you manifest exponentially!

 Unlimited Vision Boards

Create Unlimited, fully customizable boards all in one place...

The palm of your hand

NO more limited, expensive magazines,  glue and scissors


Take 5 Subliminal

5 minutes or more

of Subliminal Mind Retraining with your own images and Affirmations.


 Including a Subliminal Summary

Retrainin your Subconscious

Sound Feature

Immerce yourself in your vision board with sound!

~Record Your

Own Voice

~Zen Sounds

~9 Healing Solfeggio Frequencies

~Download your own music

Notification Set-Up

Set up daily notification by day and time and be notified when it's time to manifest.

Repetition is Key to create momentum 

Action Planner

A place to write out your goal, add an accomplished date, and brainstorm ways to accomplish it and tune into how you will feel once it is part of your life

Brainstorm your goals and set a goal date

Visualize with Healing Sounds

Subliminal Take 5 Summary
Traveling Subliminal Vision Board
Wealth and Abundance Vision Board
Meditation Vision Board
Love Vision Board

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