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" When you begin to deliberately tune yourself to consistent thoughts of what feels good, what you want will flow effortlessly into your life."
~ Abraham Hicks         


Imagine living your life to the fullest, experiencing optimal health, unlimited wealth and witnessing your desires coming true...



Tapping into the true power of visualization and manifesting the life you want with ease.

Removing all limiting, negative subconscious programming that has been holding you back from your life permanently.

* Becoming more self confident, more trusting of your own intuition and the Universe.

Experiencing healing of your mind and body from the inside out.


* Thinking thoughts that are positive and empowering.

* Living life stress free, anxiety free, sleeping better, improvement in your concentration and focus. 

* Thriving in your life, not just existing.

You can have all of this and it only takes 5 minutes a day using this app!




These 5 Powerful features help you manifest exponentially!

Visualize with Healing Sounds

Subliminal Take 5 Summary
Traveling Subliminal Vision Board
Wealth and Abundance Vision Board
Meditation Vision Board
Love Vision Board

 Unlimited Vision Boards

Create Unlimited, fully customizable boards all in one place...

The palm of your hand

NO more limited, expensive magazines,  glue and scissors


Take 5 Subliminal

5 minutes or more

of Subliminal Mind Retraining with your own images and Affirmations.


 Including a Subliminal Summary

Retrainin your Subconscious

Sound Feature

Immerce yourself in your vision board with sound!

~Record Your

Own Voice

~Zen Sounds

~9 Healing Solfeggio Frequencies

~Download your own music

Notification Set-Up

Set up daily notification by day and time and be notified when it's time to manifest.

Repetition is Key to create momentum 

Action Planner

A place to write out your goal, add an accomplished date, and brainstorm ways to accomplish it and tune into how you will feel once it is part of your life

Brainstorm your goals and set a goal date


Hi Love, my name is Jennifer Tosian and I am the creator of this amazing app. As a visualization and manifesting coach, I have found that nothing else helps my client's more to remove their negative belief systems deep in their subconscious mind then this app.


The Subliminal Vision Boards app is a unique, powerful one on one tool that is used and loved by coaches, healers and counselors worldwide. My clients have received phenomenal results using this app and I know yours will too!


What you witness is an immediate shift in your client's mindset, this is the beginning of what's called hemispheric synchronization. Once the brain starts to become more aligned in frequency, thoughts become more aligned with positive, exciting conscious desires. Soon feelings become more aligned with those thoughts and before you know it, action steps are taken that have never been taken before backed by self confidence and inner power. I call this authentic empowerment!

I learned so much about myself

I would like to thank Jennifer for the 8wk workshop. It came at a time that

I needed it without realizing I did. When I started the class I had just been given

an early retirement from work which I was not ready for nor prepared to face.

Within the 8weeks I learned so much about myself and how to appreciate ME.

Using the Subliminal Vision Board App was very helpful as well. It gave me the time

to look deep within. Not only did it have me choose carefully but once created

and listening to it has made a big difference in me as well as how I interact with

people in general. Once again I thank you for all your guidance. ” 

—  Eva Trevino

By the end of this 8-week Mastermind, Visualization Manifesting course, you will:

  • Have 8 hours of one on one coaching with me.

  • Find where you are in your life and where exactly you want to be.

  • Ignite the flame of your values and the worthiness of who you truly are.

  • Understand where limited, negative beliefs really come from and learn how to release them permanently out of your life and your frequency.

  • Learn the steps needed to come out of your comfort zone and live your best life.

  • Connect with your inner child and heal any wounds she/he is still carrying.

  • Feel the alignment between your mind and your heart space.

  • Discover your true innate power and feel what it is like to live your true authentic life!

If you are interested for a complimentary consultation to learn more, just schedule a time below: 

I look forward to connecting with you soon,

Jennifer Tosian



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