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Count your Blessings

This is such a powerful time in the year to put your focused intention and attention on what you are grateful for in your life. It is the appreciation for the life you have that will build up momentum towards the life you desire. The Law of Attraction states that “Like Attracts Like”. The more you are grateful for in your NOW the more amazing things you will attract for your future.

A vision board is a wonderful tool to use every day to remind yourself of all the blessings that surround you. The best part of the Subliminal Vision Boards App is that you can make a vision board with it using Google Images and your own pictures. I recommend looking up Blessing or appreciation and putting quotes after it in the search bar. Then just scroll and let your highest self choose the image or quote that calls to you.

To create a blessings board or appreciation board, the first step is to close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself what are the things and people that I AM grateful for? Let your heart answer this question. We don’t take the time to put a lot of intention on what we have. We are always focusing on what we don’t have or on what we want. This type of vision board is about aligning yourself with appreciation of what you have. It can be your health, your home, your family, or maybe it’s an obstacle that you overcame. Whatever it is that you are grateful for take that one thing and delve deeper into it. For example if it’s your health, go deeper. Create a vision board with positive affirmations of health and vitality. Remember I AM are the two most powerful words you speak out to the Universe, so add affirmations like, I AM Healthy, I AM grounded, I AM balanced… This app comes with over 100 preset Affirmations to choose from or you can create your own. If it’s your home you are grateful for, take some pictures of your favorite room, maybe there is an area in your home that you just love. For me it is my back porch. I love going out here and watching the trees sway and the birds and the squirrels. The birds remind me to trust my wings and the squirrels teach me to leap and believe.

The idea is to look at the parts of your life that you already have with a deeper appreciation and Love. Create your vision board with images that will raise your vibration and remind you of all the beauty and abundance that is already surrounding you.

Repetition is key to any change and that includes keeping the feeling of appreciation in your life. Once you create your vision board, make sure to set up your daily notifications to keep you aligned every day with appreciation. I recommend that you use the Subliminal Take 5 on your grateful board every morning to set up your day with appreciation and keep retraining your Subconscious Mind of all the blessings that you have. You will be amazed how quickly your vibration will raise and how good you will start feeling just putting more focus on the things and people you love.

There is so much to be grateful for starting with the simple and beautiful reason that you are alive. Sometimes we get so caught up in other people’s opinions of how we should live our life that we lose track of the fire within us.

Focus on what you Love and Appreciate in your life NOW and start igniting the manifesting light inside YOU!

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