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Learn about the Manifesting power of Vision Boards

Vision boards have been used for decades as a powerful tool to put intention on what is wanted, to raise self-esteem, have more motivation and bring inspiration and powerful manifestations into your life! It is a fun and soul searching process that when finished is displayed to remind you of what you desire the most.

Let us talk about the power of a vision board and how you can harness this power for your benefit. Some people give up even on the thought of having to do creative things. We recommend you shrug this notion off! You are a creator innately, so relax and let your intuition guide you through the process. There is no right or wrong way to create your Vision Board. We recommend that you find a nice, quiet, pretty space, put on some relaxing music and follow our lead. Check out the simple steps on how to make a vision board online here.

Clear your mind to focus on what you want

A vision board helps quiet down the noise of life and allows you to take time to look within. We get so busy in our life with family, school, or jobs, other people’s lives even that often we forget our Dreams. The first step is to ask yourself “What is one thing I want to Heal or Manifest in my Life?” The first answer that comes up is the answer from your heart. Take a moment to look at your answer with no judgement. Instead understand that that answer is very much in your energy field and needs your loving attention to it.

The next step is to look at your answer with a positive perspective. For example if it’s a healing in your life that is needed, then start looking at that healing with unconditional eyes. Here are a some words that might help you see what’s needed for your healing in a different light; forgiveness, acceptance, non-judgement, healing, mending, comforting etc. If your answer instead comes up as something you want to manifest in your life, then you will want to start thinking and feeling as if you already have what you want, as if it has always been accomplished. For example if you want to buy a house, spend a few moments thinking about what type of house you want, how many bedrooms, where is it, how nice it will be to cook in the kitchen, take a bath in the master bathroom etc. As Abraham Hicks says “really milk it!”

Our mind works with images. An image, creates a feeling, which creates a vibration which in turn send out a signal as a frequency out to the Universe. Through the Law of Attraction, “Like attracts Like” so what you put out to the Universe through your thoughts and feelings you will receive more of in return.

The next step is to find pictures through Google Images. The nice thing about using a digital vision board is that you can find the exact picture you want immediately. No more expensive magazines with limiting pictures. There will be a lot of images to choose from, just relax and let your heart guide you. This is the time to find exactly what you want. The more details the better. I also love using quotes, so feel free to put in your theme and add quotes at the end of your Google Search. Quotes are great if you find yourself at a loss for words. Congratulations! You just took a step closer to your goals. Just creating your vision boards is creating momentum. The more momentum, the more manifesting!!

Make feeling good your #1 priority

A vision board is a wonderful space of images ad positive affirmations of what you want more in your life. The wonderful thing is that the more that you look at your vision board you will start to feel your vibration raise. When you are in a high vibration, a vibration of abundance instead of lack, you are in the accepting mode. In the accepting mode, you are attracting what you want more of and allowing it to be, it is a state of accepting what you currently have and excited for what is coming. Be it a picture of a pretty dog/cat, a sun-kissed field, a soothing sunset, positive affirmations, more money, more love or a vacation spot you dream of, seeing them daily will raise your vibration and start motivating you more than ever.

Know what you want and what you don’t

Putting it all on your vision board will help you know what the things are that matter to you the most. While brainstorming, you will focus on things that you want to make as a priority and maybe even add an achievement date. The Universe loves dates. It’s a wonderful way to show yourself and the Universe that you are serious and ready for this next step in your life. Remember you are the creator of your reality and your future. You hold the key to Love and Fear. Choose Love always...

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