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Take your Desire to the Limit!

As I sat in my car this morning warming it up a favourite song of mine came on “Take it to the Limit” by the Eagles. As good songs do, it started taking me back in my life. I started thinking of the times in my life that I made a decision and took that decision as far as it needed to go to make it a success. I also thought of the times when I put 100% in a direction only to be shifted away from my destination or what I wanted, feeling disappointed and even feeling like a failure. Over the years I have realised that there are no wrong moves except not to move towards what you want in our life.

Momentum is connected greatly to Manifesting.

When we reach an autopilot mode, this is where we create very little momentum in our life and where we lose our perspective on our greatest Joy. In a way in this mode we become “flat lined”. Flat lined in momentum, flat lined in creativity and it is here where we start to see patterns in our life. The same people come into our life, we find ourselves working at the same jobs, start experiencing vicious cycles and overtime we start believing that nothing is changing in our life.

This is the furthest from the truth! We are ever-changing souls living in an ever-changing Universe. The only reason we believe that nothing is changing is because in auto-pilot mode we are focusing only on what is. Often we lose sight of our Goals and Dreams and we start living in a fear based life where auto-pilot mode becomes safe and comfortable.

Our minds are programmed to think negatively!

Negative thinking stems from the Subconscious Mind where every incident of your life, good or bad, is stored. If a friend hurts your self-esteem, for example, you react emotionally and develop conscious self-protecting behaviours. Throughout the years, you develop a mismatch between your conscious personality and your subconscious thoughts. When situations arise that feel similar to old negative situations, you react automatically in the same pattern that you know.

We forget the good times, the good experiences and this old programming gravitates us into fear, self-doubt and self-protection. This is no way to live! To live fully and experience all that you are meant to, you must break the conditioning and the programmed story you keep telling yourself! The first way to do this is to shift your perspective.

When was the last time you made a decision and took that decision as far as it could go? When was the last time you took a Goal and Dream to the limit? Right about now, you are thinking of the times you risked your heart, your business and it didn’t work out. STOP and realize that is just your limiting negative Subconscious programming at work again.

Instead remember a time when you followed a goal or Dream, followed your heart or an exciting opportunity and it was a success. It is time for you to break your old patterns of thinking and start deliberately shifting your perspective, your vibration and your reality. Shifting your perspective is key to seeing your past, your NOW and your future in a different way!

Immerse Yourself in Positivity

The first steps to breaking these limiting patterns is by focusing your intention on what feels good and then retraining your Subconscious Mind with these new positive and empowering beliefs.

The best way do to this is with a vision board. Vision Boards are amazing visualising tools because they keep you focused on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Over a very short time as you keep seeing positive affirmations and images of what you want your vibration raises and you start feeling more positive.

The more focused intention you put on your Goals and Dreams the more you will start aligning yourself to them. Your higher self wants you to live a life of pure joy and happiness. That is your purpose here on Earth. To experience wonderful and exciting things, expand and share your soul. The more that you live in your joy, the more the world gets to benefit.

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