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First you must learn to F.L.Y.

So you’ve made it through the beginning of the New Year and now the road ahead is all about Love. First Valentines then Love is in the air for spring. It seems like you can’t get away from seeing all these happy couples finding the Love that you desire. You turn on the radio to hear about a diamond at a discount, turn on the TV to see the famous engagement and now you just heard from your BFF that they are engaged! If you are wanting more Love in your life, here is the answer: First Love Yourself, others will come

It’s time to allow the Love in not resist it

Yes there is no denying that you want the Love of your life in your life now, but the more that you focus on that person “not being there” the more resistance you are adding to attracting them into your life. The best thing you can do is shift the perspective of loving someone else back onto loving yourself more. Think of it as a vibrational boomerang. You’ve heard it many times from people, they say “the minute I stopped looking for that special person they appeared in my life”. What happened is they stopped thinking in a space of lack and resisting Love and instead allowed the Love in.

Time to be selfish

Now that you are ready for this wonderful shift in your life, it’s time to look within and ask yourself what makes YOU happy. Chances are you have been living your life for someone else and it’s time to take back your life. Look within and ask yourself, am I doing what I want to do for school/career? Am I living where I want to live? Most of the time we put these main areas of our lives in someone else’s hands for fear that our choices won’t be accepted or fear of failure. NEVER DIM YOUR LIGHT FOR ANYONE! For you to truly find the Love you desire, you must find the happiness within and start living the Life You want not what anybody else wants. Happiness starts with YOU.

I Create my own Reality

Now that you have decided to start loving yourself more, this is the fun part. Look at your life and ask yourself what is it that I want to manifest, change or shift in my life. Maybe it’s changing jobs, moving to a place you love, taking that cooking class finally or getting a dog. You live in an ever changing Universe and your soul is ever expanding. The minute you start putting energy and intention towards something that you want, you will start to see just how powerful you really are. You will be amazed once you start loving yourself more, bringing more joy into your life, how quickly you see more Love in your life.

Now that you know what you want, create a Subliminal Vision Board of pictures of what you want, record your voice and hear your enthusiasm in your voice speaking of how it will be once you achieve it. Look at your board for 5 minutes a day and use the Subliminal Take 5 feature to start retraining your Subconscious Mind with your desires. You will be amazed how quickly things start to happen. You are a powerful creator and you create your reality. Focusing on what you want now instead of living in a perspective of lack is going to change everything! Your vibration, the opportunities that are presented to you, the people you meet Everything!

It’s time to Love yourself more, once you do this you will create a wonderful space of joy and that will be the perfect vibration to attract amazing things and people into your life.

I AM so happy and excited for you that you are taking the power back on your life and deliberately creating the Life you desire and deserve.

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